Public Speaking Anxiety

For me, getting up infant of friends, coworkers, classmates, gives me significant anxiety. There is something about the feeling of everyone looking at me, everyone listening to me, and everyones focus on me, that simply startles you. I remember significantly my monologue speech. I was so nervous to stand up there that day, but I learned to overcome that forbidden anxiety. I decided to find focus points in the room, rather than looking at the eyes that were staring back at me. Before I approached the front of the room, I took several deep breaths and approached with confidence. Beforehand, I was sure to get more than enough sleep. I wanted to be well rested and confident when I woke up. As I spoke, I looked around at my focus points, I talked confidentially, pronounced all my words fully, and was sure to breathe in-between each sentence. As I walked away, I felt so confident in my speech. My voice did not shake, I did not stutter, and since then I have used those tips and tricks to speak confidently in public.

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