Welcome to the Communication Toolkit!

Welcome to the world of communication! At some point or another, we all struggle with the ability to communicate or convey our message effectively to others. Am I right!?

This is a collaborative project where students from the introductions to communications courses will compile and build resources that can help you with your communication skills. Whether you have difficulty listening to others, speaking in front of groups, or writing a clear and concise cover letter and resume, we have tools to help support you!

You may be thinking, I have MASTERED these communication skills, how can this site be helpful for me?! Well the best part is that YOU are a part of this site and can help share tools and strategies that helped YOU to master those skills! You may have found helpful videos and articles or maybe you want to write about an experience that helped you!

Let’s stop and think about different tools and strategies for communication, collaborate our ideas, and listen to others!

*CC BY Laura Silva – individual posts created by COMM1130 students at the University of New Haven. Each post has individual attributions*