Overcoming Speech Anxiety

There is something about a large crowd that gets alot of people anxious when talking. We all have to speak in front of large groups at some point in our lives. Whether that be for a school assignment, giving your boss and colleagues ideas at work, or something as simple as speaking to your family at dinner on holidays. I personally struggle with this and I want to give people the tips and advice they need to overcome their speech anxiety

This might sounds silly to come but honestly just fake it til you make it. This is a great technique I was taught by friends and therapists’ of mine. If you tell yourself everything will be ok and you got everything under control, even when you feel like you don’t, your brain will think you actually do have everything under control which leads you to feeling confident in actuality. I use this technique when I am about to present a slideshow, about to perform a concert, or trying to talk to someone. I repeat to myself “you got this” “I’m that guy” “THEY NOT READY FOR THIS” and those phrases help me through large group settings.

Another way I combat my anxiety is that I listen to my favorite music. I personally can’t deal with my anxiety in silence and I need something in the background to help clear my head. Having my favorite songs playing helps me clear my mind on what is making me anxious and I just focus on the words and sing alot at times.

I am positive that if you follow what I do, you will find yourself being less anxious for large crowds and will have a positive outlook on your speech. Being anxious is a normal feeling to have and I can assure you everyone feels anxious at something in their lives. And I can also assure you that some people in the crowd will admire your strenght to come on stage.

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