The struggles of anxiety

Speaking with confidence is vital. This becomes challenging when you endure anxiety in these situations. I myself used to severely struggle with being able to present or speak or have a smooth outcome. I was never able to maintain eye contact, not use words such as um/like, or stand still. My anxiety took over me and it translated to the way I was viewed and the grades I received. I had to make a change and devoted myself to inhabiting new skills.

Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Squeaky voice/ Voice cracks

The affects of anxiety on an individual can easily be resolved with practice. Learning the right skills will enhance your speech and reduce the anxiousness that you typically come into contact with. It may take time and patience, but works in your favor in the end.

Resolving Anxiety

  • Be organized
  • Know your topic
  • Record yourself and look over it
  • Practice over and over
  • Visualize the success you desire
  • Take deep breaths/ Relax
  • Focus on your speech, not the audience
  • Don’t be afraid of silence or mistakes

It may be difficult to adapt new tips and tricks, although it is worth it. Anxiety can be seen right through you otherwise. When trying to convey a topic or stance it is important to be professional. The way you present yourself is the way others will view you and your words. Being aware of these tips will allow you to reshape your tendencies when speaking. Practicing your topic/ what you want to say is an important step. Familiarality of the subject allows for a smoother speech. You can get all your friends together and practice with them. It may be tedious to do so, but practice creates better results.

Commonality of Anxiety

Everyone has anxiety to a certain extent. Do not feel singled out! You have the power to improve and progress your skills

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