Overcoming public speaking anxiety…

When it comes to public speaking success I find it pretty interesting the fact that anxiety takes a big role on it. If we reduce anxiety the chances of doing a great public speaking are greater. Let’s check out some of the things that I do to reduce my anxiety when it comes to public speaking.

One of the first thing that I am worry when it comes to public speaking is to not know what to say when the audience ask me something. I think that the best way to approach this is to do a great research on the topic before the speaking about it. If you have a bad memory like me then it is worth mentioning that take a look to what you know before speaking is very helpful because then you’ll remember the things that you must say.

While public speaking I recommend to control speak slowly sometimes. Rushing is something that shows my anxiety, I take my time to breath and to think 1 or 2 seconds what I am trying to say and to who I am approaching. It is important to avoid taking too much time speaking slowly because if this happen the audience could get bored and the sensation of a bored audience could make you even more anxious.

Another thing that reduces my anxiety is to not overestimate the audience, we might think that we should be perfect when it comes to public speaking and I think that that is something not good. No one is perfect so to try to reach perfection could lead us to makes us more anxious and therefore failing. Therefore think that you can make mistakes is pretty normal and that is no shame in fact that is something that any one should face, once we face that we have struggles we can deal with them and improve and when the time comes our speaking skills will be greater.

My final advice is to bring notes. Sometimes we might feel very anxious and we might not know what to say next, notes will makes us remember the important things that we were supposed to say. It is important to say that notes must be brief because we are not looking for reading in front of an audience, we are looking for speaking in front of an audience.

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