Does your ears get hot during presentation than you realize you’re speaking 100 mph?

You are ABSOLUTELY not alone! Growing up I never enjoyed the thought of “public speaking”. The funny thing about this is all throughout high school to now I’ve been required to do a presentation for school. And I am just now feeling comfortable and CONFIDENT presenting. In this blog, I’ll be giving tips about presentation. Mainly presentation for school project.

My sophomore year of college I took fundamental of speech. The professor was hilarious!

Most of you probably heard people say to think imagine the audience being naked and that would help. I never got that concept to make public speaking easier. If I had to image people naked, #1 I would be speechless and #2 I would just laugh (no offense).

When looking into the audience my professor taught me to find something that could be my main eyeing point. Overtime, if I knew someone in the audience I would look at them when I speak, but also glance throughout the whole audience (which is important to do). Finding an eyeing point helped me to feel calm, it was like a safe heaven when my nerves want to act up. When I’m giving a speak to complete strangers, it is a little harder, but that’s when I find an object for an eyeing point.

In regards to looking at each person in the audience, don’t be worried if they have a blank face. THEY ARE LISTENING, which is good! There is no need to get nervous if it LOOKS like they aren’t paying attention, so take your time and remember to pause when speaking.

The more you focus on it = the HARDER it’ll become.

I have some friends who have anxiety, and if there is one thing I learned is they are OVER THINKERS. Which nothing is wrong with that, expected it does play a role in effecting a presentation. YES, I personally dread it when I see or hear “presentation”. But I have learned to control my emotions and how to deal with them. I try not to over think about a presentation. I also try to practice as much as I can before I present. It helps A LOT to practice. Overall, it actually builds confidence!! CONFIDENCE IS KEY!!!

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.”

Oprah Winfrey

As for me, when I have nails done, hair done, and everything did I feel boosted! I feel confident! I mean lets be honest, who doesn’t feel confident when they are looking good? I also do a pep talk to myself then listen to some music to hype me up so I won’t be focus on the nerves rising. Don’t get me wrong, there are nerves build up but I focus more on believing in myself (also trying to receive a good grade for the presentation lol). I try not to think of what could go wrong, but have a tunnel vision that everything will go good AS I PRACTICED.

Overall, practice will make everything better overtime. So next time you have a presentation try to find a main focus out in the audience instead of feeling overwhelmed of millions (or 10) eyes starring at you and you don’t know where to look. Try not to focus on the negative. And lastly, always have confidence in everything you do in life. Just like Michael Jordan said…

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