As We See It Live

This collection of photos was inspired by the COVID pandemic, but please feel free to share in the comments what feelings/emotions these pictures give to you or what you believe they are to mean as either individual pictures or as a collection.

“Early Morning”
“Home Away From Home”
“As We See It Live”
“The Beetles”
“Are We Mad?”
Tea Party
“I’m Afraid So”
“And No One Was There”
“Come Back Sunday”

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  1. Jostin Wilson

    My favorite pieces are “I’m Afraid So,” and “Saturday.” From what I gathered: “I’m Afraid So” is referring to the time period we are in, where we are not able to roam freely in public, which could be why you placed the clock outside.

    “Saturday” was the most relatable to me as the figure was alone with no one but reflections of itself to accompany him. Similarly to how there are no more parties or gatherings, so weekends are now spent alone.

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