This piece, entitled “connecting…”, is meant to symbolize the ways in which we are trying to connect to one another during the pandemic, as well as to call into question whether we are succeeding or failing (or both) at doing so.

Works Cited- My sources include all of the lectures from the wonderful guest speakers, but I was especially inspired by Mr. Scollo and Dr. Wranovix. I also saw a lot of parallels between my thinking behind this piece and the presentation by Dr. McGrady, however I did not view his presentation prior to creating this piece.


  1. Jostin Wilson

    I found this piece relatable, as I have not seen my friends in months. It was a smart idea to have the hands not actually touch – showing how even though we try to stay connected, it is not the same.

    • Jonah Junga

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you were able to relate to it.

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