A Great Leader is a Great Listener

Effective Listening

Imagine you are having a conversation with someone, the only thing wrong is that you can not understand or comprehend what they are saying. Well, this happens to me alot. In the classroom, at home, or even at work I struggle understanding the context someone is trying to get across to me.

Reasons that can effect the way we comprehend something

There are 3 reaons

  1. Message Overload
  2. Environemnt distractions
  3. Incomprehensibility

Now you may ask, what do these mean?

Environmental distractions is anything that is getting your attention away from listening to the person talking to you, it could be people walking, seeing something, or even hearing a noise that is distracting to you. Message ovddrload is that the person talking is providing you too much information at once, and Incomprehensibility is not understanding clearly

Well, How can you fix this?

  1. Be mindful
  2. Control your distractions
  3. Manage your feedback
  4. Recognize the value of silence

Yes, these are very broad ways to fix your listening skills but there are many factors that contribute to these. Being mindful would be to be open to receiving new information from others. Controling your distractions would be taking yourself away from a loud environment to a quiet environemtn where you can focus on the conversation you are having. Managing your feedback is you need to maintain good eye contact wih the speaker, and good posture. Also responding with good information and questions that are appropriate to the information being talked about.

Being a great listener

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