Critical Data Literacy: Engaging with Search Engine Optimization and Data Visualization

For my presentation, I have decided to focus on data visualization. For those interested in web design and SEO, I will very briefly talk about projects we can work on; however, for the sake of you having time to “play” in class, let’s get into data viz!

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

Clean data

What does it mean to clean data? How do you do it?

Open data sets to peruse:

Data Visualization

What is data visualization? How does it align with humanities research?

Data viz tools that are free/open source:

And a bit of inspiration…


I’m going to start by showing you how to use Tableau Public, a free data visualization tool. We’ll use a well-known open data set, the Titanic passenger list. (Click here and click on “sample” data. Scroll down to the “lifestyle” section.)

After you learn a bit, you’ll be free to explore and play with your own data visualizations!

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