Academic Twitter: Social Media in Research

In this session, students will learn how to use Mozdeh, a free text-analysis application, to collect and analyze large quantities of social media data. While Mozdeh allows users to collect data from Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit, we will be focusing on Twitter and two methods of retrieving tweets: user-based retrieval and query-based retrieval. Since Twitter is a mostly-public platform where users seemingly tweet what they think about anything that comes to mind at any given time, we will experiment with opinion-mining using Mozdeh’s sentiment analysis tool, SentiStrength.

If time allows, we will also discuss the possibilities of participating in academic activities and sharing research on Twitter.

You can view the slides from the presentation here.

Mozdeh Resources

Mozdeh Website (Frontpage includes list of publications in which Mozdeh was used for data collection and analysis)

Mozdeh Download (for Windows only)

Mozdeh User Manual – (Downloads a Word Document)

Social Web Text Analytics with Mozdeh

SentiStrength (Mozdeh’s sentiment analysis tool–also available as a separate application for free)

***Mozdeh is a Windows-only application (there is no version for Mac). However, you may be able to install and run Mozdeh with another application designed to run Windows programs on Mac or Linux systems. Winebottler is one such application, and you can learn more about installing and running it here. If you are unable to run Mozdeh on your Mac, please let me know and we can brainstorm workarounds.***