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Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 2212|Spring 2024

This course is designed to help you turn observations and ideas into research projects that incorporate methodologies from multiple disciplines. My goal is to help you develop and hone skills this semester that […]


Mary Isbell
Art & Design|English|Humanities and Social Sciences|Performing Arts|ENGL 2212|Spring 2024

This course is meant to be “a study of important British writers from the Romantic era to the present,” but I propose that we approach it as an opportunity to consider the meaning of “modern” as a classif […]

Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing

Mary Isbell
English|Spring 2023

Syllabus and assignments for students enrolled in Dr. Isbell’s Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing

Representations of Nature (CC 9.1)

Mary Isbell
Art & Design|Biology & Environmental Science|Civil and Environmental Engineering|English|Performing Arts|ENGL 2591|Fall 2023

As humans, we create representations of nature in a wide range of media and for many different purposes. Examples in the creative arts include travel writing, landscape painting, field recordings of birds, and […]

Algorithms and the Arts

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 2590|Fall 2022

Syllabus and assignments for students enrolled in Dr. Isbell’s course ”Algorithms and the Arts”

Example Perennial Course

Mary Isbell

Build it once and then it’s just weeding and updating!

Basic Course Template

Mary Isbell

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Digital Humanities Lab

Mary Isbell
Communication, Film & Media Studies|English|Humanities and Social Sciences|Performing Arts|ENGL 4489|Spring 2021

The digital humanities lab is a 1-credit course designed to help students discover digital tools and techniques that they can apply to any discipline they are exploring at the university. Students in the […]

Grant Writing

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 3342|Fall 2021

A website for ENGL 3342, which introduces the grant writing process, including how to identify funding opportunities, interpret requests for proposals, plan and compose a grant proposal, and manage a received […]

Writing for Digital Environments

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 3343|Fall 2021

A website for ENGL 3343, a course that introduces the essential strategies needed to write and edit effectively in digital spaces for corporate and technical communications. Emphasis is placed on visual design, […]

Art of the Review

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 2270|Fall 2020

English 2270

Pandemic as Social Mirror

Art & Design|Biology & Environmental Science|Communication, Film & Media Studies|English|Humanities and Social Sciences|Mathematics and Physics|Performing Arts|Psychology|Summer 2020

In early 2020, Covid-19 swept across the globe and changed our world. Almost overnight, “life” went virtual, and the pandemic highlighted complex issues of politics, leadership, education, race, and class. Maj […]