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Representations of Nature (CC 9.1)

Representations of Nature (CC 9.1)

Mary Isbell
Art & Design|Biology & Environmental Science|Civil and Environmental Engineering|English|Performing Arts|ENGL 2591|Fall 2023

As humans, we create representations of nature in a wide range of media and for many different purposes. Examples in the creative arts include travel writing, landscape painting, field recordings of birds, and […]

Example Perennial Course

Mary Isbell

Build it once and then it’s just weeding and updating!

Basic Course Template

Mary Isbell

New to OpenLab and want a great-looking site? Try this template.

ENG 1203: Writing Public Policy

Professor Faculty
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2023

This course will explore political writing through close readings of essential texts and…

Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing

Mary Isbell
English|Spring 2023

Syllabus and assignments for students enrolled in Dr. Isbell’s Seminar in Academic Inquiry and Writing

Representations of ”the Criminal”

Lauren Boasso
English|Spring 2023

In this course, students will examine how representations of “the criminal” in literature and visual culture are constructed and circulated for a variety of purposes. We will look closely at the ways ins […]

College Algebra for the Curious and Active Learner

Yevgeniya Rivers
Mathematics and Physics|Fall 2023

This course can be used as a supplement to a College Algebra course. Topics include: an extensive study of functions including transformations and function composition; linear and quadratic equations and […]

Food Science

Food Science

Anisa Ramcharitar-Bourne
Nutrition and Dietetics|NUTR6625|Fall 2023

Description coming

Music of Texas (Spring 2023)

D. Edward Davis
Performing Arts|MUSC-4451|Spring 2023

research (and creativity) from students in MUSC-4451-01H

Algorithms and the Arts

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 2590|Fall 2022

Syllabus and assignments for students enrolled in Dr. Isbell’s course ”Algorithms and the Arts”

PSYC 3330: Community Psychology Photovoice Projects

Melissa L. Whitson
English|Psychology|PSYC 3330|Spring 2023


HLTH 7713 Establishing a Leadership Development Plan Blog

HLTH 7713 Establishing a Leadership Development Plan Blog

Sandra D'Amato-Palumbo
Health Sciences|HLTH 7713|Fall 2022

Full Range Leadership model The Full Range Leadership model includes Laissez faire leadership (here interpreted as Free agent/market behaviour), Transactional leadership (Command and incentivise), and […]