Project: Valentine and Orson Digital Editions

This was my Honors Thesis project presented in May 2019. It utilized the digital editions created in my SURF project as a basis for encoding adaptation and narrative change. In the first stages of the project I was looking for an existing adaptation/ narrative theory that could be used as tags to break down and analyze my stories. I was interested in seeing how the story changed over time and what elements were consistent across all versions of the story. Because I did not find a theory that suited my needs I proposed the theory of narrative blocks. The theory imagines the significant events in a story as the building blocks for that story or version.

Encoding narrative blocks made me consider the limitations of the platform I had been working with (TAPAS) and the constraints of a hierarchical mark-up language (XML). Ultimately the best method for this project was to create a Dynamic Table of Contexts (DToC) with the narrative blocks encoded as if they were index terms. Please view the DToC representation linked below as well as the files behind the visualization on GitHub.


Dynamic Table of Contexts for Valentine and Orson:

GitHub for Narrative Blocks:

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