Project: Valentine and Orson Digital Editions

This TAPAS project was created as a part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in the summer of 2018. My initial focus was on early children’s literature and creating a collection to analyze of this literature. While doing reading and primary source research on the subject I found the story of Valentine and Orson (VAO). Because of how unique and the interesting not only the story, but also the publication history was I decided to devote my entire project to VAO. In this project my goal was to find, collect, transcribe, and encode as many editions as possible into a single collection. I found over 40 versions that were accessible to me, but was not able to use all of them in my collection. I eventually determined that I would need to select a representative sample of editions.

Please view my TAPAS collection through the link below. I recommend reading the “Introduction” and the
“Encoding Guidelines” first. Please view the files behind the visualization on my GitHub. If you would like to learn more about my step-by-step process for creating a digital edition, please view the “SURF Poster” under the files tab.

Project on TAPAS:

Project on GitHub:

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