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Representations of ”the Criminal”

Lauren Boasso
English|Spring 2023

In this course, students will examine how representations of “the criminal” in literature and visual culture are constructed and circulated for a variety of purposes. We will look closely at the ways ins […]

College Algebra for the Curious and Active Learner

Yevgeniya Rivers
Mathematics and Physics|Fall 2023

This course can be used as a supplement to a College Algebra course. Topics include: an extensive study of functions including transformations and function composition; linear and quadratic equations and […]

Food Science

Food Science

Anisa Ramcharitar-Bourne
Nutrition and Dietetics|NUTR6625|Fall 2023

Description coming

Music of Texas (Spring 2023)

D. Edward Davis
Performing Arts|MUSC-4451|Spring 2023

research (and creativity) from students in MUSC-4451-01H

PSYC 3330: Community Psychology Photovoice Projects

Melissa L. Whitson
English|Psychology|PSYC 3330|Spring 2023


HLTH 7713 Establishing a Leadership Development Plan Blog

HLTH 7713 Establishing a Leadership Development Plan Blog

Sandra D'Amato-Palumbo
Health Sciences|HLTH 7713|Fall 2022

Full Range Leadership model The Full Range Leadership model includes Laissez faire leadership (here interpreted as Free agent/market behaviour), Transactional leadership (Command and incentivise), and […]

Thinking Historically about Covid-19

Matt Wranovix
Humanities and Social Sciences|HIST 1000|Spring 2021

The purpose of this course will be to help students think historically. When historians study the past, they are invariably affected by their current moment. In turn, the study of the past enables us to see the […]

ENGL 1112: Remixing the Self

Dr. Ryan Crawford
English|ENGL 1112|Fall 2022


Course Test

Matt Wranovix
Humanities and Social Sciences|HIST 3304|Fall 2022

Test description

HNRS 3000 Book Club

HNRS 3000 Book Club

Matt Wranovix
Honors Program|HNRS 3000|Spring 2022

“The first rule about Book Club is that you do talk about Book Club.” Book Club is an honors course designed to allow small groups of faculty and students to read and discuss specially selected books. Dis […]

Digital Humanities Lab

Mary Isbell
Communication, Film & Media Studies|English|Humanities and Social Sciences|Performing Arts|ENGL 4489|Spring 2021

The digital humanities lab is a 1-credit course designed to help students discover digital tools and techniques that they can apply to any discipline they are exploring at the university. Students in the […]

Grant Writing

Mary Isbell
English|ENGL 3342|Fall 2021

A website for ENGL 3342, which introduces the grant writing process, including how to identify funding opportunities, interpret requests for proposals, plan and compose a grant proposal, and manage a received […]