Book Club is an honors course at the University of New Haven designed to allow small groups of faculty and students to read and discuss specially selected books. Participating faculty members each choose one book to discuss with students during four weekly meetings. Discussion groups are limited to five students allowing for great depth of conversation and close faculty-student interaction. Each student in the course selects three of these four-week sessions to take part in over the course of the semester. Students (and some faculty!) will reflect their reading and discussions in a weekly blog. In the last two weeks of the course, students complete a final project that brings together their thoughts about all three books.

In the Spring of 2022 the special theme for the course is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The books chosen by faculty are both fiction and non-fiction and address these issues from a variety of perspectives. Faculty were explicitly invited to choose books that they had not yet read themselves in order to share the learning process with their students. One of the central tenets of anti-racism is that we all need to educate ourselves; both the faculty and students in this course have taken this to heart!