What is the Hub?

This website is designed to support your work at the Writing Center. Please bookmark this page so you can access it easily when you need it. You’ll see, at the top of this page, that there is a page with information specifically for receptionists and another page specifically for tutors. Feel free to peruse all of the resources–this site is public, so it is possible that these resources might even be used by staff at other Writing Centers.

You’ll also see in the right-hand pane a list of posts that I’ll be writing over the course of the semester. These posts (essentially, rough drafts of my advice for newly hired tutors) will be assigned for specific meetings of the practicum, when we will workshop my work-in-progress in an effort to build (over time) a completely open guide to peer tutoring.

On the tutor page, you’ll find an optional reading list. Any returning tutor can choose, at any time in the semester, to replace the assigned reading for a particular week of the practicum with one of these readings. Returning tutors pursuing this option should compose a response to the reading in their word online documents and share insights from the reading with fellow tutors during the practicum that week (5-10 minutes). Returning tutors are not limited to the texts in the optional reading list; any text that seems like it will be relevant to our group is welcome–get in touch if you have an idea!

I welcome your thoughts about resources that we should add to this site! If you have suggestions on materials that should be included, please let me know!

-Dr. Isbell