My Current Challenge: Student Engagement

Currently I am teaching all new courses to me and some of them are brand new courses to the University. I have found that I am working so hard to get the content to the students, that my focus on student engagement is lacking.

In my Phonetics course (a new course), my focus has been ensuring I am meeting the student learning outcomes, but student engagement was not a priority at first (even though it should have been!) Since I am so focused on making sure the content is understandable as I am creating it, I feel that I struggle with student engagement. It is an on-ground class and I utilize a multi-modal approach, but I’m not sure if the material is always presented in the most effective manner (this is where student input can be so vital!)  

I am also teaching an online asynchronous Principles of Communications course with a Health Sciences focus. I struggle with helping students engage in an online, asynchronous manner to help ensure that they are getting the most out of the class, providing timely feedback, and not just focusing on completion/ grade. Many students are hyper-focused on their grades that they are missing the point of learning!

I am hoping that OER will help make content more engaging and more relatable for each of my students and help them to utilize key take-aways.  I am also hoping that facilitating a more open pedagogy approach will help me to engage students from the beginning of the semester, which further fosters engagement throughout the semester as well as developing a more comprehensive course(s).

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  1. Jenna Sheffield

    With all of these new courses, I can imagine it’s challenging to keep up with meeting the SLOs while making sure student engagement is at the forefront! I think many of the ideas you have discussed so far with us will help you with these challenges, such as creating case studies or creating a template for gathering student input. As you have continued to reflect on your ideas, is there one you’re leaning towards?

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