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Response to Bruce Barber's Presentation on 10/18

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    Mary Isbell

    Please compose a response to Bruce Barber’s presentation and workshop (visit this link to see the presentation page, which includes a link to a video of the session). Your response can take any shape, but here are some questions to consider:

    What stuck out to you the most from this session?
    What projects could you imagine creating with the tools/techniques introduced? Brainstorm possibilities even if you don’t think it’s the direction you will ultimately take.
    What questions do you still have about the ideas/tools/techniques introduced?
    If this presentation has inspired you to do a little independent exploration, please share what you discovered in your response!


    Lourdes Perez

    I absolutely loved this presentation. Podcasts are something that I have been interested in for a little while now and to be able to see the connections between them and real life applications makes this so much more interesting to me. I never thought of a podcast as a form of social media, so when the story came up about getting a job and checking podcasts, it really hit me! This is something I have always been interested in and look forward to being able to use it in the future, whether it is for this course or others. I think that this would be something interesting to use and I feel as if it would be a great idea for a project. Because of the new bill Congress is thinking of passing, it would be interesting if I was able to use a podcast to go through the history of LGBTQ people, even going through famous LGBT influencers to be able to show the success these people have made. I love this idea and hopefully I will be able to think of something more detailed and sophisticated to mold into a project.


    Thomas Almeida

    This presentation was one that I have looked forward to throughout the semester, so I was particularly enthralled listening in person. I always assumed that podcasting would be a harder, or at least more expensive field to dive into, but I’m pleased that I was incorrect in that assumption. Furthermore, the fact that we have resources on campus to recording equipment is very compelling. I can imagine myself using a podcast to enter the next step of my academic research, spending whole episodes to talk about what I could realistically do with an academic essay, but with the added benefits of easy publication and a digitally compelling medium. One idea I thought about specifically was to make a literary analysis podcast, with a similar set up to the student’s demonstrated in class. I do wonder how, on a beginner’s level, I could begin to learn how to splice and edit effectively without feeling overwhelmed, as the process of listening to my own voice over and over as I attempt to delete lapses in speech still sounds a little overwhelming.


    Brian Esposito

    I have always had a general idea of what podcasting was but I did not know the full extent of the components behind it all until after this presentation. I also never thought about using a podcasting to explain a senior thesis which was really coo. I would love to try performing a podcast but academically I do not know what I would talk about. I know I could probably talk about football for three hours straight though as I always seem to connect it to these presentations some way or another. Once in a while I will actually use the podcast app on my phone to listen to news of the previous week for football if I missed some important games. Overall though I think podcasts are exciting and a great way to get news out.

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