Welcome! This is the comprehensive portfolio of Asher Duke’s work for ENGL-2225/Technical Writing. Asher Duke is a third-year English major at the University of New Haven. This portfolio will detail the revised Contrasting Instructions, Quick Reference Card, and Recommendation Report. Each project has been reviewed by the course instructor, Devon Moore, who has provided feedback that Asher Duke took into account during the revision process. In addition, this portfolio is meant to showcase Asher Duke’s skill in technical writing for future employers. Each section showcases a different form of technical writing; from sentence definitions to executive summaries, Asher Duke has adequately developed the essential skills needed for technical writing. These skills serve as a basis for the work Asher Duke can be expected to showcase in the workplace and highlight the fluid nature of his writing. Any and all works and photos featured within this portfolio are the intellectual property of Asher Duke and are not to be distributed without express permission.

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