Welcome to the web page for the ARTS 2233 course at the University of New Haven! Here you will find a variety of resources for the study of art history:

  • In ‘Who Cares about the Renaissance?’ you will find answers to that question provided by historians, and University of New Haven students
  • In ‘Learning to Look’ you will find videos created by University of New Haven students demonstrating the essential skills of art historical research and analysis.
  • In ‘Gesture and Meaning’ you can find a growing collection of students’ videos and galleries focused on the revolutionary aspects of gesture and meaning in Italian Renaissance art.
  • In ‘The Renaissance in New Haven’ you will find descriptions and multimedia tools for interpreting the great collection of Italian Renaissance items which can be found near the University of New Haven’s campus in the city of New Haven, Connecticut. University of New Haven students collaborate with local curators and experts to create this unique guide.
  • ‘Open Resources’ are compiled by University of New Haven students for those interested in finding out more about the Italian Renaissance.

Feel free to browse, leave comments, and make requests for videos or tutorials on particular topics.