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Response to Dr. Hutchinson's presentation

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    Mary Isbell

    Please compose a response to Dr. Hutchinson’s presentation and workshop (visit this link to see the presentation page, which includes a link to a video of the session). Your response can take any shape, but here are some questions to consider:

    • What stuck out to you the most from this session?
    • What projects could you imagine creating with the tools/techniques introduced? Brainstorm possibilities even if you don’t think it’s the direction you will ultimately take.
    • What questions do you still have about the ideas/tools/techniques introduced?
    • If this presentation has inspired you to do a little independent exploration, please share what you discovered in your response!

    Lourdes Perez

    This week, I have come to a little more clarity about what shape I want my project to take. Both Dr. Hutchinson’s and Dr. Beck’s presentations stuck out to me and I feel adventurous enough to use the tools they showed me to form a final project. I am thinking of taking this idea of sound and perspective to track the use of either people of color or LGBT people in pop culture and how their salaries/interviews/fame have differed. I think this will be something that challenge me but also set me up with new skills and technologies that I could incorporate in other aspects of my life. I look forward to working with these tools and hope to create something that makes an impact or makes people think.


    Brian Esposito

    What stuck out to me most was Dr. Hutchinson’s presentation style. Even though there was only about four of us in class he presented as if he was talking to one hundred people. While I do not consider myself all that musically inclined I was really interested in Brian Foo’s comparison of location and household income in New York and using trains and music to capture that. In the future I think that could be very cool to make a project similar to using my own statistical data.

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