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Response to Dr. Beck's Presentation on 9/20 (Response due by midnight on 9/25)

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    Mary Isbell

    Please compose a response to Dr. Beck’s presentation and workshop (visit this link to see the presentation page, which includes a link to a video of the session). Your response can take any shape, but here are some questions to consider:

    • What stuck out to you the most from this session?
    • What projects could you imagine creating with the tools/techniques introduced? Brainstorm possibilities even if you don’t think it’s the direction you will ultimately take.
    • What questions do you still have about the ideas/tools/techniques introduced?
    • If this presentation has inspired you to do a little independent exploration, please share what you discovered in your response!

    Lourdes Perez

    This presentation was a revelation for me. I absolutely loved the different applications everyone was using this for and I found it to be such a complex and interesting subject. Because I still am a slight Art History junky, I like the idea of using this tool to create a virtual tour of famous architectural pieces from similar cultures and period to show diversity through time and space. I found this program generally easy to use and pretty fun. However, there are so many places that I visited that didn’t allow me to move through the space, which hindered the experience. I looked for more remote places that I had visited, which had the same visibility as famous places. I found this a little odd, but I was able to somewhat work around this issue. I hopefully will look forward to using this in the future.


    Skylar Seabert

    I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and its connections between sight and sound. I felt like the presentation highlighted the complexity between multiple things happening at once. During the ending of the presentation, we looked at the option of putting sound over certain words in a text. I brainstormed about possibly connecting last weeks presentation and this one by writing an alternate ending to a story with sound over the text and exploring the different options within that. During class, I also looked through the virtual tours and examined the possibilities within connecting sound and sight.


    Brian Esposito

    Tour Creator and StoryMap really stuck out to me as they were a simple and very fun to use, they could also make a presentation a lot more interesting when discussing a location as you can build you own map with custom text or even go right to a particular street you were thinking about (most of the time). Through Tour Creator I ended up getting to google maps and found something interesting, they have not update the map in so long my entire street is not on the map. Cities and Memory’s was also really interesting to check out because I went to Ireland this past summer and when I clicked on the Temple Bar audio clip I felt like I was back in Ireland again.


    Thomas Almeida

    This presentation was so interesting! Once again, I am astounded at all of the innovative projects going on around the university that aren’t necessarily publicized. While I am not by any means an expert in sound design, learning about the subtle ways it can be manipulated to affect meaning was extremely eye-opening. Even beyond sound manipulation, I can think of a lot of creative ways to affect the stories I tell based purely on new technologies. I can imagine artistic writing or journalism through apps like StoryMap and Tour Creator. The project I created with Tour Creator brought me back to my home town that my family moved out of almost a year ago, and also gave me a platform to share my love of rural spaces with others. Well, once I figure out how to make my work public, of course! The sorts of story manipulation I found in this assignment could absolutely lend itself to a bigger project.


    Erin Stevenin

    Honestly, when I had originally talked to Dr. Beck on the first day, I found her work interesting but was struck with a common thought of mine: “What am I actually going to do with this?” I am happy to say that her presentation cleared that up for me. The idea of mapping images and sounds together is really awesome! I feel like I could build off of my original idea of the online curation. I was looking for a way to display the evidence. What if I display the evidence as pictures in this mapping tour? I could actually make the location the crime scene. This might be a fun interactive idea that would elevate my final project.


    Also, it reminded me of my childhood. I used to download google earth and just find places. I would explore all the time. You could set up thumbtacks and do similar tours. It was so much fun. I would explore all the famous landmarks I thought I would never get to see.  The nostalgia from this presentation was real.

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