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Digital Humanities Lab
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Communication, Film & Media Studies, English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Performing Arts
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ENGL 4489
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Fall 2019
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Digital humanists share a commitment to experimentation with an ever-expanding set of digital tools to ask important questions about our world. Scholars in this field use (and create) tools to present the results of their research in ways that make an impact. The goal of the DH lab is to introduce undergraduate students to possibilities for research by sharing what faculty and students here at the University of New Haven have been doing. In the second half of the course, students will have an opportunity to experiment in close collaboration with one of the faculty members teaching the course.

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The digital humanities lab is a different sort of lab than you might have experienced before. It […] See MoreHow Does DH Lab Work?

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Please compose a response to Dr. Wranovix’s presentation and workshop (visit this link to see the presentation page, which includes a link to a video of the session). Your response can take any shape, but here are some questions to consider: W See MoreResponse to Dr. Wranovix's Presentation (10/11)

Response to Dr. Sheffield's Presentation (9/27)

This presentation showed me just how important data visualization could be. I always knew that clean looking graphs (and other formats) were important to educators, but this presentation showed me how it can be used in various other ways. For See MoreResponse to Dr. Sheffield's Presentation (9/27)

Response to Dr. Boasso's Presentation on 9/6 (Response due by midnight on 9/11)

During Dr.Boasso's presentation, I was able to brainstorm tons of applications for the curation methods we were introduced to. While using the methods shown, I was able to create folders of art that tracked different styles of art throughout time See MoreResponse to Dr. Boasso's Presentation on 9/6 (Response due by midnight on 9/11)

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